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Centre for Eastern European and Eurasian Studies (CEEES)

Historical map of Ukraine and nearby countries, with Russian text

We are dedicated to advancing knowledge of a complex region that has been of key significance in shaping both historical and contemporary developments across the world.

CEEES’s members, based in nine academic departments located across three different faculties, combine a variety of disciplinary and methodological expertise with linguistic and area studies skills that have enabled them to produce world-leading research on countries across the Eastern European and Eurasian region, considering this territory across a range of historical contexts up until the present day. In addition, our members provide expert advice to wider non-academic stakeholders within international and regional government, business and third sector communities.

CEEES provides a platform on which to create genuinely interdisciplinary perspectives on developments in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. The Masculinity and Postsocialism workshop in 2023 has participants from history, film studies, anthropology, sociology, media studies and modern languages.
Associate Professor
Our CEEES seminar series provides opportunity for engagement with world-leading experts to learn more about the realities behind the 2022 invasion of Ukraine, looking at humanitarian, cultural and political dimensions of one of the most vital geostrategic challenges of our time.

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