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Centre for International Law and Globalisation

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The Centre for International Law and Globalisation (CILG) was established in 2022 and brings together researchers working in a broad range of fields of international and global law.

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The core aims of the Centre are, first, to foster innovative research and policy engagement by experts in distinct substantive areas of international law. Secondly, recognising that contemporary global challenges are multi-dimensional, the Centre provides a space within which researchers can work collaboratively, cutting across distinct substantive areas, to explore law’s role and potential contribution in addressing contemporary international and global challenges through the identification and development of multi-disciplinary, integrative responses and approaches.

Global problems like climate change require us to recognise the contingency and contestability of traditional approaches to international law and governance, and to reshape these.
Professor of Intl Economic Law & Sus Dev

Connect with us

If you would get in touch, please email the Centre director, Professor Emily Reid.