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Centre for Justice Studies

Dark prison cell with barred window

The Centre for Justice Studies (CJS) comprises a collaborative network of legal and other scholars concerned with exploring questions of criminal law, criminal justice and punishment.

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We engage with issues of criminal law, criminal justice and punishment, and related questions including fairness, legitimacy and marginalisation. We do so collaboratively and collectively, as well as through our individual research work. The Centre is organised around three over-arching themes, embodying our collective approach: we are interdisciplinary (our research embraces arts and humanities, social sciences, and theoretical approaches); we are collaborative and co-productive (we work with a range of stakeholders concerned about, and affected by, questions of justice); we are international (in our substantive interests, and in our collaborative work).

My research explores the interconnections between criminal law and the arts, and examines how issues of crime, justice and punishment are illuminated in creative work.
Prof of Criminal Law & Int Legal Studies

Helping families affected by Imprisonment for Public Protection sentencing

A Southampton law researcher is helping penal organisations and charities better support the loved ones of people serving indeterminate prison sentences.

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