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Centre for Linguistics, Language Education and Acquisition Research

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CLLEAR promotes the excellence of research in areas of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. Our members’ research is concerned with cognitive and socio-cultural aspects of language, language use, and language education.

Welcome to CLLEAR. We are a group of researchers and PhD students whose research falls under the umbrella of general and applied linguistics. Currently, we focus on the following areas: second language acquisition; language learning and teaching; language assessment; linguistic theory; discourse analysis and sociolinguistics; language attrition; heritage languages; and third language acquisition. With a great deal of work taking place within a variety of areas, CLLEAR aims to provide a forum for knowledge production and knowledge-sharing and discussion across these areas.

Excellence and social impact are key for our research in CLLEAR.
Director of Centre for Linguistics, Language Education and Acquisition Research (CLLEAR)
My latest research project investigates the effects of becoming bilingual on a speaker's native language. Examining this process is crucial to fully understand bilingualism.
Head of Department
My current research project explores the role of technology in UK school-based language learning. We’re investigating how digital tools support teacher learning and motivation as well as pupil linguistic and non-linguistic (creativity and empathy) outcomes.
Associate Professor