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Centre for Maritime Archaeology

3D Image of an Ancient Greek shipwreck in the Black Sea. Credit Rodrigo Pacheco Ruiz.

We are a world leading centre for maritime archaeological research and education. We offer cutting-edge training and hands-on learning opportunities, shaping the future of maritime archaeology.

Part of Archaeology

The Centre for Maritime Archaeology is the principal focus for maritime archaeological research and teaching at the University of Southampton. (Image: Rodrigo Pacheco Ruiz, Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project)

I maintain that maritime material culture, especially when preserved in waterlogged environments, is one of archaeology’s most effective ways of reaching and envisioning the past.
Professor of Archaeology
As a sailor and diver, I have always been fascinated by the earliest evidence we have of humans going to sea.
Associate Professor

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For enquiries, please contact Dr Helen Farr, maritime archaeology programmes coordinator.