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Electrical Power Engineering

A low-angle view of solar panels, a wind turbine and a pylon, with the sun rising in the background

The Electrical Power Engineering (EPE) Research Group is part of the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton. Our expertise ranges from nanoscale insulation materials and plasma, through to electrical power systems and sustainable energy generation: from nanometres to megavolts.

EPE's research interests cover a wide range of electrical engineering, from nano-scale devices up to grid level high voltage engineering, electric grid operation and all electric future, and space propulsion. Researchers in the EPE group are pioneering many technologies that are essential to our requirements in the 21st century, such as energy efficient power transmission, satellite technology and renewable power generation.

My research focuses on (i) novel dielectrics for HVDC and high energy density storage applications, (ii) charge measurements and simulation, (iii) breakdown and ageing mechanisms.
Head of the EPE Group
My research is within the broad disciplines of applied control and signal processing. I'm particularly interested in pre-breakdown phenomena and have supervised over 50 students to completion of their PhD theses.
Director of the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory
I’m a researcher in the field of Electrical Power Engineering focused on investigating the electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties of dielectric materials, polymer composites and bio-based electrical insulations.