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Global Health Community of Practice

Symbolic illustration showing an image of the world listening through a stethoscope to a large and diverse group of people, shown as silhouettes.

The Global Health Community of Practice is an open forum to support all members working across global health in either research, education or knowledge exchange, and innovation.

It provides a space to share information, raise options for discussion, create bi-directional connections between the University of Southampton and low- and middle-income country partners and to support the University in having greater global health impact.

No time is there a greater need for global health research to tackle the significant challenges we all face. Recent history has demonstrated clearly the connectedness and impact of global health.
Professor of Global Health
The rapidly rising ageing population presents immeasurable demand on low-and middle-income countries. Talking a lifecourse approach to ensuring health musculoskeletal growth and ageing is the driver of my research programme.
Professor in Global M/skeletal Health
My research focuses on engaging young people in shaping the health and well-being of their communities and in decisions that affect their health and their futures.
Prof of Psychology & Behavioural Science

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