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High Power Fibre Lasers

Multi-kilowatt fibre laser setup

The High Power Fibre Laser group, led by Professor Johan Nilsson, works on advanced fibre lasers for beam combination and sensing for lidar and net-zero aviation (pollution monitoring).


Our research is focused on higher powers, new wavelengths from the ultra-violet to the mid-infrared, and new fibre designs for pulsed and cw applications in areas such as aerospace and materials processing. We employ cladding-pumping to reach high powers and use fibre Raman devices and crystals for wavelength conversion. 

We work in close collaboration with the Silica Fibre Fabrication Group which fabricates many of the fibres we use. We also collaborate with a number of commercial and non-commercial partners (Collaborations) locally as well as globally.

Our collaborators

  • Edinburgh University (Prof Hugh McCann, Prof Nick Polydorides)
  • Manchester University (Dr Paul Wright)
  • Strathclyde University (Prof Walter Johnstone, Dr Michael Lengden)
  • IIT Madras, India (Prof Balaji Srinivasan)
  • Yonsei University, Korea (Prof Kyunghwan Oh)

People, projects, publications and PhDs


Professor Johan Nilsson

Professor of Optoelectronics


Address: B46, West Highfield Campus, University Road, SO17 1BJ

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