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People, Property, Community

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People, Property, Community (PPC) comprises a collaborative network of legal and other scholars concerned with exploring the broader implications of contemporary property ownership.

Part of Law

We are excellent legal scholars who offer something distinct – a concern with the broader implications of contemporary property ownership. Our interests include the distribution and regulation of property on a global, national and local scale, the relationship between property and the state, the emergence and reinforcement of property norms, and the politics underpinning individual and alternative forms of ownership. Social justice is central to our work as we recognise that those excluded from property or marginal to it are at least as deeply impacted by property as those who are owners.

I research the conflicts and injustices connected with property law and the inequalities of housing. I take a socio-legal and feminist approach to my research and teaching.
Professor of Property Law & Sc Justice

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Please email the Director, Professor Helen Carr if you would like any further information: