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Scholarship terms and conditions

These conditions apply to all scholarships offered by the University of Southampton.  

Getting your scholarship 

To get your scholarship, you must:  

  • meet all conditions attached to your offer 
  • enrol as a full-time student by the start date 
  • provide evidence of where you live and qualifications at enrolment 
  • pay all outstanding tuition fees by University deadlines, where needed 
  • not have more than one scholarship from the University of Southampton - if you are eligible for multiple scholarships, you will get the scholarship with the highest value 

You cannot defer your scholarship if you defer your studies.   

What you agree to when you accept a scholarship

By accepting a scholarship, you agree to:  

  • act as a good ambassador for the University of Southampton
  • take part in events or promotional activities 

What you will get

Successful applicants will receive the award as a tuition fee discount.  

If the amount we award is more than your tuition fees, the tuition fees will be covered in full. You will not get any additional funding.  

No cash alternative is available and the award cannot be used in place of any required deposit. 

The tuition fee discount will be taken off the full invoice at the start of each academic year. If you withdraw or are suspended from a course before completion, entitlement to the fee waiver will be applied in line with the refund policy.  

Conditions specific to scholarship awards for all years of study

Undergraduate scholarships will be awarded for all years of undergraduate study subject to standard progression throughout the course. This applies to the: 

  • Southampton Presidential International Scholarship
  • Southampton Arts and Humanities Global Dean's Talent Scholarship

Rights of the University of Southampton to take back the scholarship 

The University of Southampton reserves the right to take back a scholarship award if:  

  • we find out that you are ineligible
  • you break the terms and conditions of the scholarship  
  • there is misrepresentation and fraud in your application
  • your course is no longer available 
  • you do not pay all tuition fees by University payment deadlines  
  • the University disciplinary panel upholds a serious misconduct charge  
  • you do not meet academic progression requirements  

If we take back your scholarship award, you will need to pay back the money.  

The University of Southampton reserves the right to review and change the scholarships we offer.  

Email to get the full terms and conditions.