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Accommodation for those with additional requirements

If you have extra needs in your accommodation due to a disability or long-term health condition we can adapt your accommodation. 

Here are some examples of how we can adapt your accommodation to support your needs and make your stay as comfortable as can be.

  • height-adjustable desks
  • installation of Telecare Alarms
  • kitchen adaptations such as widened and automatic doors and adapted worktop cookers
  • laminate and vinyl flooring instead of carpet for those with severe allergies
  • lowered shelves, light switches and mirrors
  • rooms with hoists
  • rooms with wider door frames
  • wheelchair access

Bathroom facilities


  • grab rails
  • shower seats
  • wet rooms
  • shower hoists
  • vibrating pillows
  • installation of flashing beacons
  • lighting adjustments
  • installation of doorbell facilities
  • alcohol-free flats
  • quiet flats
  • set time for fire alarm testing
  • ensuite options
  • ground floor rooms
  • catering options

Extra assistance

Accommodation for Personal Assistants 

If you need a resident personal assistant (PA) to support your needs, we could offer a separate bedroom for them (depending on availability). 

Your PA will have the same terms as a student resident. This includes potential damage costs and disciplinary action for any licence agreement violation. 

To comply with our privacy policy, all PAs living in University halls must provide emergency contacts. These can be from their employment agency or their next of kin.

You'll be responsible for the cost of your PA's room and accountable for your PA’s conduct within the University premises. You'll also need to plan for when your PA is sick or is on leave.

We'll check if the Social Services support package is enough, but we cannot account for any problems like illness or lack of support. If you need more help, contact Social Services.

If you're a student paying Home fees, you can reclaim your carer's accommodation cost from your local Social Services department. You can find more details in the Disability Rights UK's guidance on employing a personal assistant.

Assistance dogs

We can arrange for registered guide or assistance dogs to live in halls with you. Contact The Student Hub as soon as possible to let us know if you need accommodation for your assistance dog. 

Support animals

No support animals are allowed in halls, even if they are registered. We cannot provide a suitable and appropriate living environment for other animals. No pets are allowed either.

Choosing the right hall for you

Visit the Student accommodation pages to see what accommodation is available. You wil find details for each site, including the distance from campus, common rooms and receptions.

Accessible features in halls

You can compare different accessibility features at select halls.

Hall of residenceFor hearing impairmentsFor restricted mobilityGround floor accommodationAccessible parking
Glen EyreYesYesYesYes
Highfield (catered)YesYesYesYes
Wessex LaneYesYesYesYes
Archers RoadYesNoNoYes
Erasmus ParkNoNoYesYes

Applying for halls

We want you to feel at home in our accommodation and we have a limited number of adapted rooms within our halls.

If you need any adaptations to your accommodation because of a disability or long term health condition, apply as soon as possible. Include everything we need to know about your needs on your application.

Before applying, you can discuss your needs with the Student Disability and Inclusion team. They can provide further hall details based on your requirements and needs. 

If we don't have adaptations to meet your needs, we can assess and modify our accommodation where reasonable.

You can find out how we allocate rooms on our accommodation guarantee page.

When you arrive

Students arrive at their halls on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the beginning of term in September. 

If you need to arrive at your accommodation at quieter time, we can arrange a time for you to arrive on Thursday before other students.

If you need a shower seat or grab rails, our maintenance team will fit them on the day you arrive. They will arrange a time to meet with you so they can adjust the height of the equipment.

Accommodation allowance

You may qualify for additional funding for services and equipment if you have:

  • a disability
  • long term health condition
  • mental health condition 
  • Specific Learning Difference (SpLD) 

In specific situations, we can grant an allowance to students with a long-term health condition or disability. If you have a disability-related need, this can help pay for your accommodation.

The Student Disability and Inclusion team will assess how your accommodation affects your health, physical and social abilities and independence.

If you're already in halls 

If you're in one of our halls and think you would benefit from an adaptation, contact The Student Hub.

If you stay in halls after your first year, we cannot guarantee the same room, but we'll make sure to provide the same adaptations.